Adivasi leaders kept away from Munugode election campaign

Adilabad: The Adivasi MLAs of the TRS, BJP and Congress, as also the MP, are missing in the by-election campaign in Munugode. They are being kept out by the parties to avoid their candidates “losing votes.” There are 16,000 Lambada votes in Munugode constituency and these votes are crucial in the final outcome.

However, adivasis have been demanding that the state and central governments remove Lambadas from the ST list. The adivasi TRS MLAs are caught in the crossfire between their community and the TRS leadership in relation to this demand.  

This apart, adivasis oppose the 10 reservations to STs by saying this would benefit only the Lambadas who are already corning all the benefits meant for the tribals in the state. It is said there is no adivasi presence in Munugode whereas the Lambada population is sizable. Against this background, the leaderships of the Congress, BJP and TRS thought it better to keep their adivasi leaders including MLAs and the MP away from the campaign scene.

Adilabad BJP MP Soyam Bapu Rao, TRS adivasi MLA Atram Sakku of Asifabad and Komaram Bheem Asifabad Zilla Parishad chairman Kova Laxmi and TRS MLA Rega Kantha Rao of Pinapaka were not seen in the by-election campaign. Congress MLA Podem Veeraiah of Badrachalam was also not to be seen around.

Mulugu Congress MLA Seethakka is active in the campaign since she is close to TPCC president A Revanth Reddy. She is popular among the people.

Adilabad former MP Godam Nagesh was also not seen around in Munugode, Instead he was participating in the Adivasis’ Gussadi-Dandari events as part of the Diwali festival.

BJP Lambada leaders Rathod Ramesh and his son Ritesh Rathod and Khanapur MLA Rekha Naik, Boath MLA Rathod Bapurao, Adilabad ZP chairman Rathod Janardhan of TRS and Congress leader Ganesh Rathod were actively participating in the campaign for their parties.

All these Lambada leaders were made incharges to the areas where the Lambada population is high. It is easy for them to communicate and convince their people in Munugode.

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