Abhishek Banerjee Addresses Football Tournament


Trinamool Congress (TMC) General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee on Saturday claimed that his constituency Diamond Harbour in the “Model constituency” for the country. Addressing the Diamond Harbour MP Cup that started on Satuday, Banerjee said his constituency has been an example for others to follow.

“Be it Covid vaccination records, its prevention or other developmental projects, Diamond Harbour has always led by example,” he said. The Diamond Harbour MP cup is the yearly tournament organised by Banerjee.

“From today till January 1, 2023, I invite all to participate in the football tournament, which is a great leveller, bridging differences in politics, caste and language. Let’s leave behind wrangling and come together to cheer for the game of football, for sports,” he said, inaugurating the ‘Diamond Harbour MP Cup Football Tournament’.

Banerjee stated that he would not want the event to be politicised. “I will talk about politics, about how to fight our political opponents democratically at another forum, at another time, when the time comes,” the de facto number two in the TMC said.

The Diamond Harbour model was in the news last year as well when more than 50,000 Covid tests were conducted there in one day. This is the root from which Banerjee came up with the idea of forming a football cup.

Speaking on the occasion, Banerjee also said Diamond Harbour is getting popular. “We have fairs, football clubs, among so many other attractions. We are in politics, and development, and we are with the people of our country,” he said. “Diamond Harbour is on the top spot in a number of fields, be it football, Covid prevention, vaccination drives or development,” he further added.

He said football tournaments have been initiated by several politicians and MLAs, taking note from the Diamond Harbour football cup. He said it is also another way to connect with people.

“Football tourneys are now being arranged in many Lok Sabha seats in West Bengal and even outside. We have shown the way,” Banerjee, the nephew of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, said. Notably, BJP has several times pointed out that such tournaments are a waste of money and resources.

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