3 Ways Super Rich Modern-Day Cricketers Can Make More Money

Gone are the days when cricketers hardly used to make big money. Not very long ago, only a handful of cricketers could live a flashy life through earning from the sport. Things, however, have completely changed since the inception of franchise cricket, especially the Indian Premier League. Thanks to franchise cricket, cricketers have now become some of the best-paid sportspersons in the world.

Most of the big names in the game have accumulated millions in earnings and the days ahead are looking only better. And while things are very rosy for cricketers at the moment, there is absolutely no denying that the chance to earn big from the game is very limited. Like most of the other professions, sportspersons do not retire when they are in their 50s or 60s.

And thus it is absolutely not surprising at all to see several cricketers trying out their hands in new ventures in order to ensure that they have a good source of income even after hanging their boots. Cricketers of this generation do have the luxury of spending big on a business idea or something else as an alternative mode of income.

So as the game of cricket becomes lucrative with each passing day, it has become really important for the cricketers to manage the huge wealth they amass. So, here are a few very common and less risky ways through which cricketers can earn even more money by investing a chunk of the money they earn through cricket.


Youth around the globe have become more health conscious and have started hitting gyms in large numbers. And it has created a big business opportunity for those who want to cash in on this trend. Cricketers do have the popularity and the money to invest in the gym. A few years ago, former India skipper MS Dhoni had started a venture, SportsFit World Pvt Ltd through which he was going to open 200 gyms across the country in five years.


While casinos cannot really be categorised into conventional business, there is absolutely no denying that the cricketers can earn big through it. Just like any other venture, it has a risk factor too, but unlike most of businesses, the investment won’t really be big in casinos. With modern-day cricketers earning millions, there is more than enough spare change to enjoy and earn big in the casino.

Sportspersons are not really strangers to casinos. Legendary Shane Warne’s liking for poker is well known, and the former Australia spinner had amassed a good amount of money through it. For modern-day cricketers, getting the experience of a casino has been made better by one of the most reputable casinos online.

With modern-day cricketers hardly getting any time to go to the casinos, one of the best casinos online has given them the opportunity to earn big even if they cannot go to casinos. Not only that, they have made things better by introducing a new deposit method.

Apparel line:

Cricketers around the globe are idolised by millions. Youth not only want to be like them but also dress like them. This very popularity has made it easier for the cricketers to launch their own apparel lines. India skipper and arguably the most popular cricketer in the world Virat Kohli has already cashed in on his popularity and success on the field by launching a successful apparel line – Wrogn.

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